The site is now public!

I just sent an email to the PWG members about the existence of this site. So, we’re public as of two minutes ago.

Our Pamlico Writers Group is a small gathering of writers that meet without much publicity or bother to the community. I have tried to get the word out that the PWG is stuffed with writing and published talent. I have tried to get works out of filing cabinets and into the public eye. I’ve done this by an article in the local newspaper, The Washington Daily News, then followed by a bi-weekly column in that newspaper. The column has existed since October, 2010.

Another reason for writing the column and creating this blog is to comment on and create discussion on the creative cluster of writers in Washington and surrounding areas. As I said in the first column post, “North Carolina is ‘The Writingnest State'”.

Folks, here’s your opportunity to get involved in a discussion of the writing scene. I hope to write about member works – and then venture into local writing topics for discussion.

Please join me in discussion of our craft.


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