Selected Readings for E-Book Articles of Interest

The following articles have been selected from my reading about ebooks and publishing in general. Enjoy!

  1. 100 Questions to Help You Write, Publish, and Sell Your Ebook
  2. Download the Free Writing Cheatsheet
  3. Ebook Trends 2013—The Transformation Accelerates
  4. 10,000 Smashwords E-books Acquired by Douglas County Libraries
  5. Ebook Analytics: Knowing Your Audience
  6. The Benefits Of (KDP) Kindle Direct Publishing And Publishing an E-book There
  7. Publishing your e-book through Smashwords
  8. Digital Books and the Changing Landscape of Publishing
  9. 5 Things I Learned as an Author in 2012 #selfpublishing #HappyNewYear
  10. 18 Useful Resources For Self-Publishing
  11. How Book Publishing Has Changed Since 1984
  12. The Future of Print–Where Will We Be in 20 Years? | Beneath the Cover
  13. Misreading the Facts on E-Books
  14. Has the e-book bubble burst?
  15. A Future for Print in the Digital Age? 
  16. Smashwords: Mark Coker’s 2013 Book Publishing Industry Predictions – Indie Ebook Authors Take Charge
  17. The Future of Publishing (audio)
  18. The future is e-books!
  19. New Book: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur–How to Publish a Book
  20. How to Publish an Ebook
  21. How to Publish an E-Book
  22. Three Kinds of Digital Book Publishing Start-ups to Be Bullish About
  23. The Path From Traditionally Published Author to Hybrid Author
  24. Amazon: E-book Sales Soared, Print Crawled
  25. From the Digital Frontier: A Shifting $12 Billion Publishing Market
  26. Hit ebook authors offer tips on how to publish your own blockbuster
  27. Writing Contests Have Been Good To Me – and They Can Be Good To You, Too
  28. Self Publishing Is More Than Kindle
  29. How Social Media Changed Publishing

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