Susan Sloate – Part Two 2-10-15

2015 Pamlico Writers Conference and Competition

March 21, 2015 8:30am to 6pm

The Turnage Theatre

150 W. Main Street, Washington, NC 27889

Some of you might remember our Part One of a two-part interview with author Susan Sloate on January 29th. Today we present Part Two of that interview.

Susan Sloate






Susan Sloate

Q.    Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so, how do you conquer it?

A.    I used to have writer’s block regularly, when it was really more a fear of not knowing how to do it than anything else. I’d be confronted with a writing problem and instead of thinking about it and trying to figure it out, I’d wilt. And then I’d end up procrastinating and hating myself for procrastinating–a truly vicious cycle almost all writers have gone through. As I’ve gotten older and become more at ease with myself, I still have moments of experiencing writer’s block, but now it’s more of a not-wanting-to-get-down-to-it, and fortunately, Nanowrimo is a great cure for that. I recommend it to every writer I know; NOTHING can motivate you to blast through writer’s block than a month of writing lousy but getting the words down on the page. And when you DO finally get it down, turns out it’s never as lousy as you think.

To me the cure for writer’s block is to write. No matter how awful you think it is, just sit down and start. You’d be surprised at what might come of it. And at the least, you’re not sitting around hating yourself for NOT writing.

Q.    You seem to be an explorer. Is there something new on the horizon that you want to tackle?

A.    I have ideas about getting involved again in the movie business; they’re beginning the same kind of revolution in movie distribution as we have going on in publishing now, and it’s a fabulous time to be there. I want to do more in marketing myself and other writers. I have some wild dreams I’d like to make come true, that I won’t share in print right now. I want to do a lot more public speaking, especially to writers; I enjoy being able to show others the possibilities–they’re so enormous and a lot of writers have no idea what options they have. It’s so rewarding to lay those options in front of them. And I’m sure other opportunities will come up that thrill me but that just haven’t occurred to me yet. But I’ll keep opening doors to see what’s there. You just never know.

Q.    As a writer, is there anything you would do differently if you could begin your career again?

A.    I wouldn’t waste my time, and I wouldn’t be so dumb! When I think of some of the decisions I made years ago, thinking they’d lead somewhere good, it appalls me. I advise every writer who asks me not to even consider traditional publishing right now. There are too many exciting options in self-publishing, and too much opportunity. Don’t close yourself off from that. Of course, the biggest thing I’d do differently is: I’d write a lot more. But I can’t get those years back. I can only use the time I have now and hope it’ll be enough to finish all the projects I still want to do.

 Ms. Sloate will present two workshops at our conference (one morning session and one afternoon session): Marketing Your Work through Amazon and Movies to Books: Using screenwriters’ secrets to structure your novel. Both of sessions will be packed with information and should prove helpful for everyone in attendance.

By Kaylene Wilson and Doris Schneider

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