Jaki Shelton-Green interview

Jaki Shelton-GreenOn Saturday, March 19, 2016, Pamlico Writers will host their 4th Annual Writers Conference at The Turnage Theatre, in Washington, NC.

This years conference is offering nine (9) workshops ( with three in each timeframe). Over the next few weeks leading up to the conference, I’ll be presenting short interviews with each of our presenters.

Now I’d like to introduce the very accomplished Jaki Shelton-Green, a 2016 Lenoir-Rhyne University Writer-in-Residence, 2014 NC Literary Hall of Fame, 2014 Pushcart Prize Nominee, 2010 Fine Arts Emerald Aware (Raleigh LINKS), 2009 NC Piedmont Laureate, 2007 Sam Ragan Award for Contributions to the Fine Arts of North Carolina.

Jaki Shelton-Green - 2Ms. Shelton-Green is a lecturer, keynote speaker and consultant for numerous groups and her poetry has appeared in numerous publications. She has taught poetry and facilitated creative writing classes in various venues.

Her poetry has been widely choreographed by numerous dance companies including Danca Nova at Colorado Naropa Institute for the Arts, The Chuck Davis African-American Dance Company at the Kennedy Cente4r, Miami City Ballet, Two Near the Edge, and Choreo Dance.

She is the owner of SistaWRITE, providing retreats and travel excursions for women writers.

Ms. Shelton-Green’s workshop topic will be “Shhh… I Think She’s Reading a POEM”. This workshop will utilize poems to illustrate the understanding of the sacredness of breath… guiding the voice; directing the music and dance within and outside of the poem.

Now our interview with Jaki Shelton-Green:

  • What element of your work has given you the most reward? Why?

My biggest reward as a writer has been the opportunity to bear witness to the power of language in the “every dayness” and “ordinary” of our human experiences. For many years I have been blessed to work with the marginalized, disenfranchised, and often invisible voices of our communities. I’ve witnessed how writing amplifies the stories and the truths on paper. I know “up close and personal” how one poem, one verse at a time has the power to transform lives.

  • How can writing poetry help a prose writer create a better piece of work?

Poetry helps the prose writer because poetry has a much bolder and abstract way of using language. Poetry places heavy emphasis on the aesthetic properties of language: visual imagery and other intense sensory information; rhythmic structure of lines, phrases, words and what the words sound like when they’re being written are poetic devices that inform “the telling.” Along with description, atmosphere, mood, and tone… these are necessary prose components as well and all essential to immersing the reader in our stories.

  • Where does the inspiration come from to write your pieces?

As flippant as this may sound… living and bearing witness to EVERYTHING life brings inspires my writing. Bearing witness to the joys, hopes, celebrations, and beauty as well as bearing witness to the sorrows, sufferance, disappointments, ugliness, and atrocities of life inform and direct my pen. The natural world is a powerful Muse for me.

If you’d like to read more information about Jaki Shelton-Green please go to her blog site at: jakisheltongreen.blogspot.com .

For information about Pamlico Writers Conference go to our website at: https://www.pamlicowritersgroup.wildapricot.org/2016-Conference-Details

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pwconference2015/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

And even out Twitter page at: https://twitter.com/PamlicoWritersC

See you soon,

Kay Wilson




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