The Pamlico Writer’s Group and the Arts Of The Pamlico team up for a bigger and brighter future.

 Debra Torrence, Director, Arts of the Pamlico

 Arts of the Pamlico

Debra Torrence joined the Arts of the Pamlico in June 2016 as the incoming director. She took the reins in July bringing her passion for community work seeded in her youth growing up in a small, rural farming town.  She left her hometown to earn three undergraduate and graduate degrees in marketing, business administration and education. She has first hand knowledge of the requirements, the ropes and the realities of being self-employed as a small business owner and watercolor artist over the years. For the past 30 years her career path has led her from New York to North Carolina and other countries. At every junction she has strived to connect and ground her work in the passions of the people who will benefit from her efforts. For the past 10 years she has successfully supported the missions, Boards, members, fund development, volunteers and strategies of two non-profit organizations focused on based in North Carolina.  Previously, she operated her own education consulting business after nine years of securing funding for and managing UNC-Chapel Hill college access and teacher quality research projects and associated budgets and staff.  In her work in North Carolina state government and with county-based non-profit organizations, she successfully managed both small and large budgets, guiding the efforts of numerous non-profit organizations and partners around collective goals and common causes.

          We had the pleasure of meeting Debra and discussing the future of the Pamlico Writers group and the Arts of The Pamlico. She expressed a love for the arts and artisans alike and how both groups working together could benefit socially and financially. Plans are underway for media blitz, joint events and much more. The Pamlico Writers Group is honored to have Debra Torrence aboard as the new director of the Arts of The Pamlico. We look forward to working together in promoting a greater Washington and Tri-state council for the arts.

by Louis Edwards

Check out their website ( ) to see a list of their programs as well as a calendar of upcoming events. And if you’re in town why not drop by,  (150 W. Main Streeet, Washington, NC 27889) to see their fine arts exhibit in the gallery and say high. See you soon.

Kay Wilson


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