Looking Forward to 2018 Pamlico Writers’ Conference by: S L Hollister

I’m looking forward to the 2018 Pamlico Writers’ Conference, “Shapeshifting Your Writing: Transforming Your Writing for Other Successful Markets.” I have attended the Pamlico Writers’ Conferences every year since they first began. Each year there have been presenters, speakers, panelists and programs that have excited me. This year’s morning panel with veteran panelists Michael Colonnese and Marni Graff will debate the process of transforming a raw manuscript into a marketable work with new and various markets.  The new addition of videographer, Beverly Horvath of South Creek Media will add an interesting twist to the discussion.

Bev is a dear, personal friend. Her husband, the late Stephan Horvath was one of my teachers and mentors. She is the author and co-author to several literary works: novels, screen plays and stage plays. Her newest venture as a videographer has allowed her to explore several creative ideas from YouTube videos to book trailers and short Independent films.

I’m excited to have Bev as a member of our panel as well as one of this year’s presenters. Having recently published my first book, I’m searching for new ways to promote and sell my story. Could a book trailer or YouTube video be the thing to launch my novel? Would it be another way to reach readers?

Part of this year’s program is discovering other successful markets for our writing: Marni Graff will explain the process of developing an audiobook, Micah Harris will show us how to create a graphic novel, and Robin Greene will give us the tools we need to make a chap book.

Whether you are a poet or author, fiction writer or non-fiction, editing and revising is an important part of the process. Much of the writing is done in the rewriting, Dr. Michael Colonnese will show us how to shape our work into a finished product.

Angela Beach Silverthorne, an award-winning author of inspirational fiction. She will show us how all great stories use inspiration to connect to the heart of the reader. Giving the writer the creative power to impact, change and transform with the words we choose.

Julia Day will discuss the trends and challenges of publishing in the young adult market, and what makes writing for teens unique.

Becca Lamoreaux of Loving the Book Launch Party will show us the basics of building our author platform, creating a fan base, and marketing your book. I worked with Becca when we launched our Carolina Christmas Anthology. She and her business partner make the work of promoting your book nearly painless.

Richard Krawiec and Melissa Hassard will return with a lunch-time discussion of what to do when the book is done, “The Next Step.”

The Pamlico Writers’ Group are excited to present our very own poet laureate. This year has been a thrill ride, so much has happened behind the scenes to bring the PWG into a new era. The Heart of the Pamlico poet laureate will be chosen in February and part of their application process included a presentation for the 2018 Pamlico Writers’ Conference.

As you can see there is much to be excited about with our upcoming conference. Go to our website, www.pamlicowritersgroup.org/conference or check us out on Facebook and Twitter, for more information about the 2018 Pamlico Writers’ Conference, “Shapeshifting Your Writing.”

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