One More Presenter to Check Out.

Pamlico Writers Group’s upcoming Writers Conference, Saturday, April 6th at The Turnage Theatre in Washington, NC will be broken up into nine (9) workshop sessions throughout the day. Three (3) will be held Mid-Morning,  an Open Mic is planned for a thirty minute break during lunch, then three (3) Early Afternoon and three (3) Late Afternoon Sessions.

Between now and then I’ll be showcasing each along with a brief bio and workshop write-up. Take a minute to check them out as I post them. Hopefully you’ll be able to pick just one from each session you’d like to take.

Today I’m happy to present one of our talented afternoon presenters, Michael Worthington, take a look.

Effective Essays with Michael Worthington

Letters-to-the-editor, schoolwork, and professional exams all require essay writing skills. For example, all NC teacher licensure exams include open response questions which means essays (except math part of general knowledge exams). And students must write essays for college applications and for coursework. Learn the process to quickly compose effective essays that persuade, inform, and explain. Great for all ages, stages and skills.

Michael R. Worthington lives near Elizabeth City with his wife of 30 years and two pugs. He retired after 30 years of teaching college courses in accounting, business communications, public relations and technical writing. His published works range from a college textbook to young adult fiction. For example, his latest title is How to Prepare Pro Forma Financial Statements, and he is putting finishing touches on a young adult novel about a girl in foster care.

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Hope to see you at the conference.


7th Annual Writers Conference fast approaching.

Hello Again,

How are you? I hope things at your place aren’t as crazy as they are at mine. But enough about my stuff, besides that’s not why we’re here. Maybe we’ll talk about that another day, right? Good, let’s begin with why I’m really here today.

The Pamlico Writers Group’s 7th Annual Writers Conference is a little less than two months away. And I wanted to ask, have you registered to attend yet? If so, Great! If you haven’t, why? Having trouble finding the website? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what we have planned for you this year. Here’s the link: .

Seven years ago our Writers Conferences began as we invited an array of quality presenters. Each of them have agreed to come and hold workshops or sessions where they will share their stories and knowlege on the craft of writing. Are you aware that North Carolina currently has a treasure trove of writers published, aspiring along with those who dream of becoming writers. As a group Pamlico Writers goal is to reach as many writers as possible. We find that helping each other it helps us as well. We believe that what we offer more than covers the nominal cost of attendance. And this year’s conference is no exception. It features nine workshops with a variety of topics. In a minute I’m going to be sharing a snapshot of one of those presenters and their workshop. Once you’ve seen what we’re offering this year I have to believe, like me, you’ll find it hard to choose just one for each of the three time slots. Why not take a minute now, go to our website  and register for the conference. Remember it’s Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th at the Turnage Theatre in downtown Washington, NC. Again here’s a link to the website:

Now I’d like to share with you a short bio and snippet on Ms. Dunning and the workshop she will be presenting, “Research for Writers.” Check it out.

Adrienne Dunning released her debut novel, Seeking Solace, in April 2015.   She loves creating endearing and feisty characters full of humor and just a little awkwardness to keep them “real”.  Although a possible mystery series is under current exploration, her current works are primarily aligned with the contemporary romance/chick lit genres.  She is heavily active in her local NaNoWriMo chapter, and Seeking Solace was the resulting product of a NaNo project.  Her second novel, Revolution, released in October 2015. Simply a Southern gal who has fun playing poorly at golf, she loves all forms of expression–writing, dancing, cooking, talking–and does them frequently and with abandon.  She lives in coastal North Carolina.  Her novels are distributed by ViridianFire Publications.  Currently, Adrienne is working on a series based on the men from Seeking Solace, The Captain’s Folly band mates Angus, Malcolm, and William.  Their stories start with Snaring Angus, now available on Amazon.

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Katharine Ashe, keynote speaker, 2019 PWG’s Seventh Annual Writer’s Conference

Hello again and Happy New Year!!

Can you believe it’s already January 2, 2019? Time’s a flyin’ so guess I’d better get moving.

Our annual writer’s conference theme this year will be “Why We Write…Giving Voice to the Voiceless,” which allows a wider assortment of possibilities for workshops and presenters . Along with topics aimed at young adults, teens and adults and tailored for writers at all stages of their writing, beginner, works in progress and published authors. But I’ll share a little more of what we’re planning for you all next time we talk.

To kick off the event off Pamlico Writer’s Group is proud and honored to have Katharine Ashe as our keynote speaker. Her topic will cover, “Write What You Desire.”

Adrienne Dunning, writer & publisher wrote this article which shares a smidgen more information about Ms. Ashe’s wide array of accomplishments and why you’ll want to attend.

Take a look.

Katharine Ashe, USA Today best-selling author, has been selected as the Keynote Speaker for the 2019 Annual Pamlico Writers’ Conference held in the historic town of Washington, NC.  Ashe is the author of the critically acclaimed Devil’s Duke series and other historical romances which have been translated into numerous languages across the globe.  She is a two-time finalist for the prestigious RITA Award of the Romance Writers of America, a four-time nominee in the Reviewers’ Choice Awards (winning Best Historical Romantic Adventure), and has been featured on Amazon’s Best Romances of 2012 and 2017 lists with her novels The Duke and How to Be a Proper Lady.  Her next release, book two of the Twist Series, is anticipated in early 2019.

When she isn’t crafting lush historical romances, she is also a professor of history and popular culture at Duke University, teaching courses on creative writing, history of romance fiction, and religion in film and fiction.  She is also a sought-after speaker on women’s history, feminism, romance, and writing, having co-founded Duke’s “UNSUITABLE Speakers Series” which highlights women, history, and popular fiction.

The Pamlico Writers’ Group is thrilled to have Katharine Ashe serve as the Keynote Speaker for their annual conference to be held April 5th & 6th, 2019, at the Turnage Theatre in Washington, NC.  Ashe’s strong voice on women’s history, popular fiction, and the craft of writing is a perfect pairing for the conference theme of “Why We Write…Giving Voice to the Voiceless.”  For more information on Katharine Ashe or her books, please visit her website at  To learn more about the conference or to register, please visit the Pamlico Writers’ Group website at

By: Adrienne Dunning

Author & Publisher, ViridianFire Publications

FB:  Adrienne Dunning Writes

Twitter:  @adriennedwrites


See you all soon.


Save The Date

Pamlico Writer’s Group will present their 7th annual Writer’s Conference, “Why We Write. . .Giving Voice To The Voiceless”, April 5 & 6, 2019 at the Turnage Theatre, 150 W. Main St, Washington, NC. Featuring keynote speaker, USA Today’s best-selling author, Katharine Ashe, her topic, “Write What You Desire”.

Ms. Ashe is a prolific and dynamic writer, speaker and teacher you won’t want to miss hearing or getting to know.

2019 Writer’s Conference has been crafted a little different from what we’ve presented in the past. Our presenters this year have kicked up their game and developed workshops aimed to help adults, teens, beginner, advanced and business writers.

Eastern North Carolina and surrounding states have a wealth of writers, most of whom are looking for quality and affordable conferences or workshops to attend in order to expand their writing skills. Our (Pamlico Writer’s Group) hope is to reach as many of those writers as possible.  

That’s all for today, but stay tuned because in the coming days we’ll be sharing more about our presenters and their workshops.

And don’t forget, to mark your calendar for April 5th & 6th, 2019 at The Turnage Theatre. Hope to see you there.

For more information about the conference, the workshop and presenters please go to our website ( ), along with our Facebook and Twitter pages: ;

Kay Wilson

Author LaDonna Holloman also to attend PWG’s Carnival of Books at The Turnage Theatre, Sept 29th

PWG’s Carnival of Books is moving up on us fast and believe me, you won’t want to miss any of it. We’ve planned children’s programs: Children’s Story Time, Origami Craft, Afternoon Tea & Story Time, Crown Craft, Marionette Show and Face Painting. And for writers’ we have a few workshops planned: Yoga & Poetry, Show, Don’t Tell, Poetry, Researching Setting and Creating Chap Books. Plus you’ll have an opportunity to meet and speak with authors and have them sign your books. If that’s not enough for you, from 3-4p there’ll be an Open Mic Hour for authors who’d like to share their work. All in all a pretty full day.

Today’s author we’d like you to meet is LaDonna Holloman, she’ll also be attending PWG’s Carnival of Books on Sept 29th at the Turnage Theatre, Washington, NC.

Where Have All the Children Gone? Where Have All The Children Gone?

Michelle has taken her niece, Nicole, and a friend to an amusement park to celebrate her birthday. An FBI agent, Peter, has also taken his son to the same amusement park. In a few seconds of blinding light, the children from all over the world disappear. Chaos breaks out! The amusement park is totally empty of any children, the carousel is full of confused and panicked adults. Michelle and Peter work together to hunt for the missing children, but every lead they follow is a dead end. Where could the children be? Who and why would anyone take them?

 Hello my name is LaDonna Holloman. I am a new author of “Where Have All The Children Gone?”; and I have already started the second book in my series, “Journey To The Dark Island”.

I am a registered nurse, working most of my career as an Obstetrics Nurse. My husband and I have also been in the ministry, and at present serve as Senior Pastors. I have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and my desire is to spread His word any way possible, hence my new endeavor at writing Christian Fiction. I love to go to the Outer Banks and spend the day at the beach, go boating with my husband and I love to cruise. I am an avid reader of a good book, rocking on my front porch or curled up on the sofa in front of the fireplace. 

For more information visit the Pamlico Writers’ Group website: 

See you there,


Author Tom Kies, to attend PWG’s Carnival of Books at The Turnage Theatre, Sept. 29th

PWG’s Carnival of Books is quickly approaching (September 29, 2018; 10 am-4 pm at the Turnage Theatre, Washington, NC) we thought you might like a glimpse of one of the authors who will be there and some of his recent works.

 RANDOM ROAD introduced Geneva Chase, “a reporter with a compelling voice, a damaged woman who recounts her own bittersweet story as she hunts down clues” to murders straight out of a nightmare—six bodies found naked and cut to ribbons in a posh Connecticut home.

Having survived this and a personal tragedy, Geneva’s story still includes alcoholism and career challenges compounded by the rocky finances of her newspaper employer. But she’s working. She’s fighting the urge to reconnect with a magnetic yet married lover. And she’s raising a rebellious young lady who is not her daughter but a cherished legacy.

Nevertheless, the newshound in Geneva spurs her to bad if not downright dangerous choices as two unrelated crimes unexpectedly collide. A fifteen-year-old-girl at her ward’s high school has vanished along with her English teacher. Is this same-old, same-old, or something more? And then there’s the abused woman who torched her sadistic husband, and how to keep her out of the clutches of powerful mobsters—and thus, out of the news.

Out on the crime beat, Geneva works to unravel the connection, if any, between these two disparate stories while her newspaper is put up for sale, a high-flying Hollywood production lights up the town, and her personal battles accelerate. Jarring twists and turns include charming movie stars, treacherous diamond merchants, adultery, sex traffickers, and murder.  While the clock ticks and Geneva works desperately to find the missing student, she comes to the horrible realization that she’s in over her head.


DARKNESS LANE, the second novel in the Geneva Chase mystery series, hurtles along at a breakneck speed where nothing is what it seems, and where art and reality collide in a terrifying climax.

Author of the Geneva Chase Mystery Series, Thomas Kies lives and writes on a barrier island on the coast of North Carolina with his wife, Cindy, and Lilly, their Shih-Tzu.

He has a long career working for newspapers and magazines, primarily in New England and New York, and is currently working on his next novel, Graveyard Bay.


Hope you can make it because it’s going to be lots of fun for the whole family. See you soon.



Nana and the “c” by local author Doris Schneider

An incident took place 10 years ago as I was struggling with the all too common enemy—breast cancer. I shared the story with friends, and they kept insisting I should write it. About a year later, I did and also took photographs of my grandchildren to be used as inspiration for illustrations. So much time has passed, but the story has now floated to the rim of my long-ignored bucket.


Nana and the “c” is told from the perspective of my seven-year-old granddaughter as she fearfully prepares to see her grandmother who has become bald as a side effect of chemotherapy. It is a humorous, upbeat story about hope, wonder, and family love—suitable for all ages, especially to anyone with a loved one going through cancer treatment or who is a patient or survivor themselves.

My dear friend, Wenhai Ma, responded with a quick “yes” to do the illustrations. I requested that a literary friend, Michael Colonnese, read the story just to give me feedback. He could not resist editing while he read, thus making a serious improvement to the text. Then Jo Michaels, a book and cover designer who has worked with me in the past, offered her help in support of the project.

I refer to it as a “project” because it is just that. I always knew the book was not something I wanted to “cash-in” on. It was always meant to be a gift. When I told each of the professionals mentioned above that the book was to be donated to cancer center waiting rooms, they generously offered their time and talents without charge.

So, it is done. It has been published and is available on Amazon. Two hundred copies are ready to begin distribution to cancer centers in North Carolina. The profits from any Amazon sales will be used to print more books to be donated. It doesn’t have to be limited to our state.

My hope is that people will share this to their own Facebook page and purchase copies and donate them to a cancer center or library near them, in whichever state they reside.

Doris Schneider is an artist, scene designer, writer, and educator. She taught at William Carey University and was a tenured professor of theatre at North Carolina Central University. She published two novels: Borrowed Things and By Way of Water. After her own bout with breast cancer, she wrote this story based on a real event with her granddaughters. While the illustrator, Wenhai Ma, was teaching at Duke University, the two became long term friends—culminating in their collaboration on Nana and the “c”.

We each have an excellent opportunity to pass this healing and heartfelt message along to others who are struggling through similar situations. And hopefully it will be the balm they need to keep going.

Our bookstore is running a special for Nana and the “c.” We’re offering two books for $10. One for yourself and the other we ask that you donate to a cancer center, a survivor or someone going through this now.

Please click on the link below to purchase “Nana and the “c.”: