What is a book? The definition blurs!

It used to be so easy to define a book: a sheaf of bound printed pages. Then, the modern publishing industry defined all sorts of criteria of the printed volume – length, size, style, color, and cost to name a few. With the introduction of the digital book, that book definition is changing. Continue reading “What is a book? The definition blurs!”


Print Books are Dying – Maybe!

  You’ve read the headlines! Borders Books bankrupt: will close 200 of 642 stores. Publishers reduce staff while booksellers suffer under “the worst retail sales conditions in years.” Do these stories foretell the death of the four-hundred-year-old print book publishing industry? Well, Maybe!

First, I am not an expert in the publishing world and my opinions may not always represent those of Pamlico Writers Group. I do, however, read diverse sources: internet industry blogs, newspapers and magazine articles. I believe discussing timely book industry topics is of interest to area authors and readers. I hope to explore other timely topics soon.

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